Welcome to A Future Uncertain, a VtM irc roleplaying community where the players decide the direction and focus the game will take. Stories may visit mature themes and is for an 18+ audience only.

We are using modified V5 rules with custom sheets (requires access to Google Drive). Existing knowledge of VtM rules of any edition is not required, though a basic understanding or willingness to learn certainly helps. Character approval is required and a character sheet must be fully approved to join in plot nights and earn XP.

Please be aware house rules were created and modified for the purpose of enhancing the story. We reserve the right to make changes as we feel it is necessary.

Although the developing story of A Future Uncertain has been inspired by canon it is not a faithful representation. Key events have happened in an order that add to our game in a way players get to experience the changes. As V5 changes the focus of VtM to a local setting, many prominent figures in canon might not be present. If something in canon is important to you, ask an ST if it has been included or can be included.