General Policies

1. Privacy Policy (Masquerade) - Never reveal company sercrets to those who are not of the company. Violation of this policy will result in termination.

2. Property Policy (Domain) - Each Municpal Branch has executive authority over the nightly operations of their holdings, and their rulings are not to be questioned. Allocation of property within the regional holdings is soley under the jurisdiction of the residing Board Member. Any such allocation of property will grant the holder supreme authority within their assigned property, as well they assume responsibility for all that happens within.

3. Recruitment Policy (Progeny) - Hiring staff is expressly prohibited without autorization from one's residing Board Member. A hiring freeze is not currently in effect, but company resources must be managed and maintained. Any member who hires without permission will be terminated along with the new hire.

4. Training Policy (Accounting) - Any who are given rightful authorization to hire new staff are responsible for all neceesary training requirements. All actions of the new hire are the full responsibility of the hiring member. A breach of policy made by a new hire will be as if the hiring member commited such themselves, and incur all appropriate penalties.

5. Visitor Policy (Hospitality) - Upon arrival, visitors are expected to sign in and arrange a personal meeting with a Director or CEO. This will grant the signee a visitor pass until the scheduled meeting. All visitors are expected to respect the other Policies or that visitor's pass will be revoked and termination will be imminent.

6. Termination Policy (Destruction) - A call for termination may only be initiated by the CEO herself, or a unanimous decision by the Board of Directors. Failure to respect this policy will result in termination. A Director may excercise this policy in their own name, only within their own holdings.