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Points of Interest

[St. Jacob's] Nisroc's Roost (Public)

All night book store. It's a large building, stocked both with modern, new releases, and older used books. There's a rare book area that has special climate control to protect the books - including an air vacuum system to stop fires without water. Thoughout the building are reading areas and places to relax.

[St. Jacob's] Nisroc's Roost Private Rooms (Private)

There are also quiet rooms for privacy, but these require reservation as these are considered secure enough for guests of a supernatural nature.


[Waterloo] Darkside Cookies (Public)

A bit of tongue in cheek humor that humans thought had more to do with the all night offerings than anything else. It wasn't just cookies, though, it was pastries, breads, cakes, long-cook soups or stews, teas, and coffee. Catering, even, just that the everyday/night offerings tended towards the pastries and midnight snack style. Located a short walk north of Waterloo University, popular among students especially before class.


[Cambridge] Domus Autem Dracones - Curiosity shop and Antique Book Store (Public)

The shop is dimly lit when you enter it as the scent of dried herbs, incense, and dust hits your nostrils. Under it all a lingering scent of formaldehyde and leather might tickle the senses of those more attuned to such things. The shop is large, but the amount of oddities and books that have been crammed into the space make it seem smaller than it is. Locked glass cabinets line the walls and are filled with odd looking artifacts of every description, bones, clay, carvings, crystals, and other items are all numbered within, but only a discerning eye is likely to see everything on offer. Creatures mundane and unusual are taxidermied and on display atop towering shelves that are packed with old leather bound books and shelves of odd antiques clutter the isle. Few items have visible price tags and those that do are handwritten. The ones that are clearly labeled for sale with set prices are things that one might find in any occult store and the rest are likely to be bartered over. There are masks, antiques from times gone by, preserved items in jars that are almost impossible to see into with the dim lighting, and books… so many books. On offer are candles, jewelry, charms, talismans, crystals, herbs, and various preserves - but unlike more mainstream stores, these are not labeled for the lay person or mass produced. There is an uneasy sense that one should not touch unless one understands the purpose behind the items already. Black bundles of cards are obscured on a shelf and the vacant eyes of skulls look out at you - replicas surely. In one far lonely corner is a tea set perched upon a weak looking table with two chairs and beside that is a counter in front of another doorway into what must be a back room. Through the opening more glass cabinets can be seen to hold other items and books, but these are not packed and clustered, but carefully laid out as if more important than what is on display to the masses. Beside the door is a sign that clearly reads, “Do not enter without supervision.” Perhaps those are the more valuable offerings?