[FU] Character Creation

When you are ready, you can sumbit your character using the Character Submission Form.


General Guidelines

  • Character sheets are not required, as we are trusting you to make a reasonable character. We do ask you submit a character concept and include any unusual or unique character options. If you do sheet your character, we would love to see it.
  • Allies/contacts/influence require approval, so be sure to include them as it potentially has impact on the setting. 
  • Characters should be based on one of the World of Darkness games being used in the setting. For now that includes W20, V20/V5, and x20 mortal supplements. 
  • Changeling: the Dreaming is not a part of this setting, though future plans may include adapting Changeling: the Lost. Other x20 options may open up in the future. 
  • Although characters may have allies, contacts, or influence in mortal authority positions, characters may not hold direct mortal authority themselves.
  • You may create multiple characters (current max 2), however your own characters should not have ties with each other and may not help each other out. 


Vampire PCs

  • V20 or V5 are both acceptable options to base your character around. Please note V5 events such as The Beckoning have not yet occurred, so use those rules for creation purposes only.
  • We might play test V5 rules on the side. If you have a V5 sheet for your character, it would allow you the option to join. This will just be for fun, not to gain xp.
  • Vampires should not enter play lower than 8th Generation. Anything below that is considered an NPC with a responsibility to the setting and may be potential allies or enemies.
  • While Sabbat, Anarch, and even Camarilla vampires are playable, understand plot is centred around the K-W area and is currently held by Autarkis. Plot specific to other factions is not guaranteed.
  • Camarilla characters should know that this area is surrounded by Sabbat, Anarch, and Independent held territories, and as such is considered isolated. Rumour has it there is at least one local representative of the Ivory Tower nearby, so it is not an impossibility there could be more.
  • Sabbat characters will note the Greater Toronto Area is but an hour's drive east while Detroit is about two hours south west. As well they have a local Sabbat domain holder, so most will feel fairly secure in the area. However future plot may set the GTA at odds with the local game, so keep in mind defending sect politics could lead to personal challenges.
  • Anarch characters have claimed the city of Brampton, which is West of Toronto and close if travelling to/from Kitchener. 
  • Independents and Autarkis may consider the area a refuge from sect politics. Though always good to run your concept past an ST just in case there are plot details that may pertain to your clan.
  • Thinblood have been gathering in numbers in Brampton, as the Anarchs have been tolerating the presence so long as they follow their rules. Sabbat of Toronto consider them open hunting season.


Shifter PCs

  • W20 is the current standard for character options. We will likely toy with W5 rules once they are released, especially if it plays nice with V5.
  • Their is a (future) virtual table top game [Jade Sunset] which centres around local Hengeyokai and their dragon nest (caern). Those characters may be played in the freeform FU setting, but FU characters should never cross into the Jade setting. FU roleplay will not award xp for Jade characters.
  • Non-Jade characters are playable, but understand the hengeyokai hold the territory. Because it is a table top game, you may not challenge their position. Nor may you travel to the dragon nest (caern) or interact with the caern spirits. 
  • Guelph, a half hour's drive north-east, is garou held territory. Yes, the whole city and no vampire dares set foot in it. Guelph generally accepts the hengeyokai have the local area, so you may still visit as long as you're not there to cause trouble. 
  • Because Jade Sunset has it's own game/plot, there will not be much shiftier plot in FU at this time. You are still welcome to join any general plot.


Mortal PCs

  • Any x20 supplement that covers mortals would be the best to use for character options. All numina is subject to approval.
  • Kinfolk should review the details above for Shifter PCs, as the same restrictions would apply.
  • To create a ghoul at creation, you MUST have a PC domitor played by another player. What happens after will be through roleplay in character, but remember ghouls do not hold social standing among vampires.
  • Kinain and sorcerers are not supported in our setting at this time.
  • Hunter concepts that are antagonistic to the general setting will not be approved. Curious "ghost hunter" concepts or other characters seeking to discover signs of the supernatural, might be.
  • You may play unenlightened mortals (those who are unaware of the supernatural), but keep in mind you may not have many plot options if you remain so. Awakening numina or becoming ghouled is always an option.
  • Mortals are squishie, next to vampires and shifters. While this is freeform, do not underestimate threats that have been designed for supernatural plot. If you walk out in front of a speeding transport truck, you will be quite dead. Often supernatural dangers are of a similar nature, so play intelligently.
  • Currently, there is no organization of awakened mortals. This is an open world and such is subject to change, but it will require player effort in character to establish something. Mortals are not the current focus of the game.