Domain of Waterloo

1. Investments Policy - While personal growth is encouraged, investments should not be counter to the Company's interests. It is recommended to reach out to new sectors in ways that sterngthen the domain, not hinder it. One should also not reach beyond their level within the company. Proposals may be submitted directly to the CEO for consideration.

2. Promotion Policy - Advancement within the Company is encourged. Initiative and demonstrated ability will be rewarded. Speak to a manager if you are interested in advancement opportunites.



Visitor - Those newly arrived who have not yet been granted permission to settle more permanently. Essentially a guest of the K-W Alliance and expected to adhere to all standing Policies with no additional benefits.

Resident - A resident of the domain, permitted to own one single family dwelling or one single location small business. Has the right to request a meeting with the CEO, subject to availability.

Associate - An outstanding member of the domain, proven to act in the best interest of the Company. Additional holdings may be available, pending approval with the CEO. Minor responsibilities will be assigned befitting of the associate's skills and experience. 

Manager - Mangement have demonstrated a vested interest in the success of the Company as well as leadership skills. Greater investment opportunies are made available, though greater responsibiliy comes with it. Managers will have a department within the Company of which they are responsible for, and some measure of authority as required to perform their job. 


Holdings of Note

  The Walper Hotel - Stuff