1. Busines Project - Aardvark: Cynthia takes lead on project for new client out of Brampton.


Vampire News

The words of CEO Krista Mayr have been brought to you by The Murder. Your undisputed top news source in the region. (Last guy who disputed it strangely has not been heard from in some time.)



Business Project - Aardvark

The G-Way Boys of Brampton sent Tyrone to propose a business deal to the K-W Alliance. Residents Ghost, Salazar, Cynthia and her assistant Jet have accepted the project.


The project requires securing a mortal asset, alive, and delivering her to the G-Way boys without attracting unwanted attention. This is a preliminary job to see if the K-W Alliance is up to the task and will lead to more business opportunities if all goes well. Rumour has it, the pay is generous but the job is not without challenges. (The following info will only be shared with those who express a serious interest in taking on the job with the others.)


  1. Whatever method is used should not trace back to either the G-Way Boys nor the K-W alliance.
  2. The target is Rachel Caslett, works graveyard shift as a cop in Brampton. Is married to a stay-at-home-dad with young boys (ages 6 and 10). She has access to firearms at home and is always packing.
  3. Rachel Caslett must not die.
  4. Make this clean, quick, and quiet.


Speak with Cynthia if you wish to get involved and claim your share of the pay. The team is still in the planning phase should you have any recommendations on how to tackle this challenge.