1. New Neighbours: The Camarilla Domain of Woodstock is officially recognized. 
  2. War: The Camarilla Domain of Woodstock is officially recognized. 


Vampire News

The words of CEO Krista Mayr have been brought to you by The Murder. If you didn't hear it from us, it might not be true.



Domain of Woodstock

The domain of Woodstock, held by Ujio Tanaka of the Camarilla, is now officially recognized as an allied domain. From this point forward, all visiting kindred of the Camarilla are to seek out Mr. Tanaka in Woodstock to discuss terms of their visitation within the area. Mr Tanaka and his people will be granted the rights of Allied Visitors within the region and are free to pass through our territories with respect to our Policies. Their intent beyond our borders are not our concern.

Any who might wish to make war upon his people are reminded such actions will not be tolerated within the K-W Alliance. Any hostile actions taken within our borders will be marked as an enemy of the region and cause for Termination, regardless of affiliation. The Sabbat of Toronto should remember this well and either cease their actions at our border or travel around our domain. A challenge to our sovereignty will not go unanswered. 

Should conflicts arise speak with your Regional Director and the matter will be settled diplomatically. 


War on the Horizon

It is inevitable that conflict will arise between the Sabbat of Toronto and the Camarilla of Woodstock. As a region, we have chosen to invest in a business venture with Mr. Tanaka, and as a region the status of Allied Visitor and free passage will be respected across all domains of K-W. Any further commitment will be a personal one and such remains the purview of the Directors. Those who reside within Waterloo who wish to aid Mr. Tanaka's efforts should speak with me first, though will likely be approved.