1. Conestoga Mall Blaze: Fire at Food Court 13 dead, 29 injured.

2. Rotters BOGO Special: Rotters were at the centre of that mess at the mall. This needs to stop now.


Local News

Saturday Nov 21, 2020 

Fires broke out tonight at the Conestoga Mall Food Court in Waterloo, spreading alarmingly quickly. As of midnight, 13 people have succumbed to their injuries with another 29 injured, 8 of those in critical condition at St. Mary's Hospital. 

It is thought to be a kitchen accident where a gas valve was knocked loose at Thai Express. Flame and hot oil quickly ignited the gas and flames shot through the food court before the emergency shut off valve could be reached. Conestoga Mall will be closed for the weekend for further investigation and is expected to reopen by Monday. Food courts at Conestoga Mall in Waterloo, Fairview Mall in Kitchener, and Cambridge Centre in Cambridge will only be permitted to sell cold food and drink items and only microwaves may be used for heating foods until a safety review of each location has been completed.

Thai Express has closed all their locations in the area pending the investigation.


Vampire News

 The words of CEO Krista Mayr have been brought to you by The Murder. We have eyes everywhere.


Rotters BOGO Special 

The fires at Conestoga Mall was not a kitchen fire. Some idiot kine fired a flaregun into a Rotter, INSIDE the mall, proving just how flamable they are. She then fired two more flares to help it spread even further. Let me be perfectly clear, do NOT start such fires indoors where we will have another mess on our hands such as this one.

This is the third time this particular woman has been at the centre of rotter spottings and burnings, and she has demonstrated a lack of foresight and intelligence even for kine. Rotters have been heard asking her specifically where IT is, and want her dead. They likely have means to pull the information from her corpse, so do not kill her.

That being said, she clearly cannot be allowed to run free and cause more havok. The Murder have copies of her photo to pass out. Take one, and find her. Bring her to your local Director. This is for the security of the Domain, and your duty as a resident.

Krista Mayr
CEO of the K-W Alliance
Director of Waterloo