1. Rotters: Careful of what you eat. Kine have a best before date.

2. Thin Bloods: Hostilities heat up between Toronto Sabbat and Brampton Anarchs over Thin Blood population.

3. New Arrivals: Who's new in the Domains of the K-W Alliance.


Vampire News

 For those unable to attend, the words of CEO Krista Mayr and events of the night have been brought to you by The Murder. We have eyes everywhere.




As you may have already noticed, a strange illness has been spreading through the kine population. While they appear perfectly normal, you sink your fangs into them only to discover they taste like they've been rotting in the sun for days. You'll know what to look for after making the mistake once, so choose your prey carefully. 

On the streets homeless kine have given to calling them rotters, but it has taken some work to keep this from the media. They're like something straight of out The Walking Dead, even biting other kine to spread the illness. Those in the later stages are noxious, fierce, and quite literally rotting on the spot. Once expired, their bodies turn to acid and eat through even stone. Thus far salt seems to be of some deterant, but the best way to be sure is to burn them out. Yes, I know how we all feel about that.

If you have staff on hand, make sure they are equipped to deal with such a threat and able to clean up the mess. Report any encounters so we can figure out where they are coming from. I expect you all to do your part in keeping news of this from spreading. There is no known cure as of yet. Those who are able to put a stop to this threat, or even find a reliable cure that can be distributed to protect our food supplies, will of course be rewarded.


Thin Bloods

The Sabbat of Toronto have been having trouble with a local Thin Blood population. Anarchs of Brampton apparently have been supporting them, and we have been asked not to shelter their agressors. Let me be clear that we will not take sides in this matter. As always, those who come to our domain should be encouraged to sign the visitor form. If it is determined one has come here after starting trouble with our neighbours, either the Sabbat or the Anarchs, they will be removed from our domains. It is your duty to report those you suspect have voilated our policies or are a danger to the realm.


New Neighbours

As you all were witness to earlier, we have newe neighbours who hold loyalty to the Camarilla. At this time, for a period of one month, the Toreador Ujio Tanaka and his vassals have been recognized as visitors to our domains and should be entitled all due respect. If there are concerns of policies being violated, bring them to myself or your local Director and we will deal with it as required. 


Welcome Temporary Residents

Let it be known Nikka Magnus of Clan Brujah and Ghost of Clan Ventrue, have been granted Temporary Residency status for the period of one month while they decide which branch they wish to serve.

Let it also be known one Cassian Narlanthi of the Usurper Tremere, servant of the Camarilla, has been granted the status of Temporary Resident for the period of one month to aid his friend, the Toreador Altaryn, vassal of Ujio Tanaka. As this term nears completion he has the right to appeal for an extension with whichever domain will accept him.