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Vampires of Future Uncertain

The Tri-cities have long been Autarkis in nature. They have no interest in Sabbat or Camarilla politics and prefer to be left alone. Four influential individuals stand out among their peers and have claimed sizable domain in the region, securing it to promote their way of un-life. As a necessity, these vampires established an uneasy alliance in the interest of keeping a united front against would be conquorers. Though each domain has it's own set of rules to abide by, there are a few common policies meant to ensure the power structure and safety of the realm. 

Leading the alliance is the self-titled CEO, Autarkis Ventrue, Krista Mayr. She sets policies specific to her Domain, as well as the K-W Alliance where it is neccessary for the security of the region. If the Board of Directors unanimously oppose her decision, she has agreed to rescind that policy and any outstanding matters will be discusssed at the next Board Meeting. 

The Board of Directors consists of the remaining Domain holders. The Gangrel Leo Director of Cambridge, The Tzimisce Colette Laurent Director of Kitchener, and the Lasombra Leliel Grimaldi Director of St. Jacobs and surrounding area.


New Arrivals

A meeting can be scheduled during office hours at the Walper Hotel, Conference Room E. Visitors to the area are expected to request a meeting before the end of their first night. Failure to do so will announce yourself as a rival. Any hostile actions which endanger the Domain, or failure to follow Policies will announce yourself as a rival.

If it is deemed your intentions are sound, you will be permitted a 30 night temporary residency status. You should use this time to determine who's domain you wish to reside within, and present your application for permanent residency status. An extension of temporary residency will only be granted in extenuating circumstances, as deemed by the CEO.

Visiting Sabbat are encouraged to seek out Ms Leliel Grimaldi, Director of St. Jacobs upon arrival. 

Visiting Camarilla are advised to seek out Mr. Ujio Tanaka of Woodstock upon arrival.

All visitors are permitted regardless of affiliations or beliefs. Self promotion of these affiliations or beliefs to others of the K-W Alliance will be considered an attempted Hostile Takeover. In such a case all rights, privillages and status will be revoked, and termination will be imminent. Please bring any concerns to your local Director.



1. Privacy Policy (Masquerade)

2. Property Policy (Domain)

3. Recruitment Policy (Progeny)

4. Training Policy (Accounting)

5. Visitor Policy (Hospitality)

6. Termination Policy (Destruction)


Recognized Domains

- Autarkis Ventrue Krista Mayr
Kitchener - Autarkis Tzimisce Colette Laurent
Cambridge - Autarkis Gangrel Leo
St. Jacobs - Sabbat Lasombra Leliel Grimaldi
Woodstock - Camarilla Toreador Ujio Tanaka
Bloomingdale - Hengeyokai*
     * Territory held by the Hengeyokai is recognized by the K-W Alliance.

Nearby Cities and Affiliations

Greater Toronto Area - Sabbat
Guelph - Garou
- Anarch
Milton - Contested
Brandford- Contested
Hamilton - Giovani