IRC (Internet Relay Chat) has been around for quite some time and serves as chat room, private message system, and file sharing platform. Some of the commands might seem intimidating at first, but you'll find after you register your nickname you won't need to use commands often. When you do, there are lots of online tutorials and walkthroughs out there.

First up you need  a client. If you are familiar with IRC you probably have a favoured client so stick with that. Here's what you need to know.

Port: 6669 (SSL use 6697)

 You may also want to check out the Darkmyst website for details on what services they offer.


If you don't have a client, I like to recommend ircCloud. It is free, and for our purposes the premium subscription isn't necessary. They simplify irc to make it user friendly and it comes with a built in "cut-script" which comes in handy when roleplaying over text. Basically if you go over the character limit, it will automatically break up your post into additional messages. And if you have a less stable internet connection (such as on your phone) ircCloud will keep you connected for up to 2 hours (Premium has no time limit), and you will be able to read everything that has been typed since. Oh yeah, and it has a little bit of storage space to allow you to share images, files, and the like.

You can view your connection from any device without losing a word that's been typed. I frequently travel from my desktop computer, to my phone, to my tablet and unless I say something, no one can tell.

Android Client: Google Play Store

iOS: Apple App Store


How to Connect with ircCloud:

 Head to ircCloud website in your web browser and sign up for a free account.

ircCloud new


Log in with your new account details. You'll find the login at the very top of the main website where you signed up. It will load a page asking what network you want to join and look something like the image below. You will want to change/fill in what is in the boxes with the red outline. Make sure to check the email you used to register, as you will have to confirm your account before you can connect to any network. But once all that is done, click the green button "Join Network" at the bottom of the screen. It should load up our default/out of character channel.

Port: 6667
Nickname: (Whatever screen name you want. Some common names may already be registered.
Channels to join: #Drynwas

ircCloud server


Because ircCloud tries to keep you connected, if you want to actually want to disconnect it is best to click the disconnect button. Don't worry, it's as easy as clicking "reconnect" when you're ready to chat again.

To disconnect, first click on the Settings Gear icon next to the DarkMyst network. On the drop down menu that pops up, click "Disconnect." 

ircCloud dc


 Anything else you might need, we can walk you through in the #Drynwas channel.