Hengeyokai Auspice


These confident leaders are the primary decision makers for their sentai, but they also know when to step back and allow another to take lead in areas of their expertise. Lanterns keep the sentai on course, in accordance with the Mandates of Heaven and their current mission. They are similar to the garou auspice of Philidox (judge).

Not just a warrior, they are a sentai's war-leader or general. It is their responsibility to design battle tactics and adapt on the fly. A fist will defend the other members of their sentai as much as they assault the enemy. Garou Ahrouns (warriors) are similar to the Fist.

The charismatic voice of a sentai would be the Mirror. Negotiations with the spirits, other shifters, and even then mundane fall to the calm and collected Mirror. Garou Theurge (mystic) would be the best comparison.

Sometimes you need someone sneaky, and that is where the Leaf comes in. They will act in secret to achieve the sentai's mission. Whether blackmailing, infiltrating or assassinating, they save lives by working from the shadows. The closest Garou auspice would be the Ragabash (trickster).

The support of every Sentai is their Pillar, ready to back up the other members in all areas. They can inspire the others to greatness with their words and actions. Should another member fall or be captured, a good Pillar should be able to temporarily fill their spot. As such, they tend to be generalists who can do a little of everything. Roughly similar to a Garou Galliard (storyteller).

Some hengeyokai feel it is their duty to stay with the Dragon Nest by remaining behind. They maintain the home defense, protect the kinfolk and care for the spirits while the sentais meet the enemy in the field. Though it is less heroic, a Courier's position is just as vital as the rest. This auspice is perhaps best for npcs, or pcs who are unable to make story nights.


Hakkan/Garou Auspice


Ragabash: New Moon

Theurge: Crescent Moon

Philodox: Half Moon

Galliard: Gibbous Moon

Ahroun: Full Moon


Khan/Bastet Pryio






Nezumi/Ratkin Aspects


Nezumi no freaks

Zhong Lung/Mokole Auspice 


Season auspice
access to galliard gifts as auspice gifts

Gurahl Auspice (Limited)