Jade Sunset Character Creation


Character creation and game night rules are based on Werewolf the Apocalypse, 20th Anniversary edition and W20 Changing Breeds. Some house rules apply, as with any game. Game mechanics and advanced character options will require knowledge of the books. I will provide as much information as I would at my table top game for new players to make sound choices and still enjoy the game, learning as they go. If you enjoy the game and do not already own a copy of the books for yourself, the books have a link to drivethrurpg. 


Step One: Concept


Whether you want to pick your race/class and build a character from that or pick a backstory and build up from that, concept is the heart of who the character was, is, and will be. It will give hints as to how they will approach challenges. In many cases, it will also lead in to what talents and skills the character has learned up till now.


Summarize your Concept. Think of 2-3 words or a short phrase to sum up the kind of character you want to play or who the character has been up until this point. ie: Traditionalist Seer, Idealist Refugee, Distrustful Survivalist Conman

Pick your Breed. If this is your first time playing, I highly recommend starting homid. Metis will only be approved (Breed List)

Pick your Species. Each has their own flavour and Gaia-given purpose. Some might fit a concept better than others. If you decide on Garou, choose a Tribe as well. Some species have different aspects or auspice as well. If they do, select one for your character now. Refer to the books or the (Species List) for details.

If Hengeyokai, choose your Court Auspice. Hengeyokai choose their auspice which will define their role within the Emerald Courts. They believe it is the destiny the Emerald Mother (Gaia) has set for them and rarely seek to change it. Some species are born to an auspice, such as Garou and the moon they were born under. Usually that auspice will match their Emerald Court auspice, but not always. If they don't, they should still influence each other and you should have a good reason for it. If you are playing Garou or Western Fera but plan to join the Emerald Courts, it's recommended to assume you started this process before playing, and select your Court Auspice now. (Hengeyokai Auspice)


Step Two: Attributes (7/5/3)


Between the categories, Physical, Social, and Mental, decide which are your character's primary, secondary, and tertiary Attributes. Your Primary category will have 7 dots, Secondary 5, and Tertiary 3. Divide these among the stats in each category. Each Attribute starts with one dot for free, and most pdf character sheets have this marked for you already. (Attributes Explained)

* When performing actions, your dice pool will typically be made up of the dots in the associated attribute + dots in the associated Ability. 


Physical: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
Social: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance
Mental: Perception, Intelligence, Wits


Step Three: Abilities (13/9/5)


As with Attributes we now prioritize Ability categories: Talents, Skills, and Knowledges. Your Primary category will have 13 dots, Secondary will have 9, and Tertiary will have 5. For now, do not place more than 3 dots in any one ability. There are no free dots this time, so choose wisely. (Abilities Explained)


Talents: Alertness, Athletics, Brawl, Empathy, Expression, Intimidation, Leadership, Primal-Urge, Streetwise, Subterfuge, Hobby Talent
Skills: Animal Ken, Crafts*, Drive*, Etiquette*, Firearms*, Larceny*, Melee, Performance, Stealth, Survival, Professional Skill
Knowledges: Academics*, Computer*, Enigma, Investigation, Law*, Medicine, Occult, Rituals, Science*, Technology*, Expert Knowledge

* Lupus may not choose these abilities at this step. They may spend freebies in step seven to represent your character's prelude, as well as spend experience points once you earn them.


Step Four: Backgrounds (5)


Backgrounds are advantages that should help to support your concept, typically granted by a past opportunity or circumstance. Though these dots will have an impact in game, such as comparing your resources to see if you can afford to bribe an npc, all background points should be supported by your story. Allies and contacts should be people with names, in a particular field of influence or skill, and you should explain briefly how you know them. Most backgrounds can only be purchased at creation or earned through rp. The only backgrounds you can purchase with xp are Fate and Totem*. (*Totem in our game will work differently than the books, and are not available at creation.)


Backgrounds: Allies, Ancestors, Contacts, Fate, Fetish, Kinfolk, Mentor, Pure Breed, Resources, Rites, Spirit Heritage


Step Five: Gifts (3)


Please refer to the books for a list of gifts. At least for now.


Step Six: Advantages (Rage, Willpower, Gnosis, Renown)


Rage, Willpower, and Gnosis are by-species and listed on their individual pages.

Renown for non-hengeyokai is specific to species and/or auspice and differs from the renown of the Emerald Court. If you plan to have your character join the emerald courts from the start of play, just use hengeyokai renown and pick your hengeyokai auspice. Renown for hengeyokai is as follows. 


RankAny Combination
0 (Stone) 0
1 (Wood) 3
2 (Iron) 9
3 (Steel) 14
4 (Gold) 19
5 (Silver) 25


Step Seven: Merits/Flaws (max 10) and Freebies (15)


You MUST select at least one Merit and one Flaw. You may select more if you wish. Merits cost freebie points while Flaws grant additional freebie points. You may not exceed more than 10 points in merits, nor may you exceed more than 10 points in Flaws. 

Subtract your total Merit points from 15. Then add your total Flaw points. The balance are the freebie points you may spend to finish fleshing out your character.


 Trait Freebie Cost
 Attributes  5 per dot
 Abilities  2 per dot
 Backgrounds  1 per dot
 Gifts  7 per Gift (Level 1 only)
 Rage  1 per dot
 Gnosis  2 per dot
 Willpower  2 per dot