While most shifters are blessed with regenerative healing ability, this never occurs while in breed form. **This is true for even metis, unlike what is written in the books. *




Born human to human parents. Until your first change, hengeyokai were nothing but folklore and legends. Maybe your family took those stories a bit too seriously, but you dismissed it as superstition and naivety. For most shifter types you would have felt the effects of rage before your first change. 




Your parents were both animals, and so you were born one as well. Your first change came about as you reached adulthood (typically about 2 years) and you have a stronger connection to the wild and your feral instincts. However your knowledge of the human world, their languages, and their technologies is quite limited. 

* Hakkan lupus born are rare as the wolf numbers are so endangered. Those that are born would not travel to North America. Same-Bito born as sharks would not travel to Southern Ontario due to the lack of ocean access. Neither are playable options. Other hengeyokai animal born would need to travel, and require a solid backstory as to why they have done so.




Both of your parents were shifters, a pairing considered taboo by most and resulting in a grave curse. Metis are clearly supernatural, born in crinos form. Clearly half man and half animal, your very existence threatens the Emerald Courts (indeed all shifters) and you have had to hide from the mundane world for eight years in wait of your first change. Your curse carries with it either a physical deformity or mental instability, or in the case of an unlucky few perhaps both. As proof that you are an affront to the natural order, you are sterile and will never bear young.

 * There are no metis Tengu/Corax, Zhong Lung/Mokole Same-Bito, Gurahl, or Nuwisha.

* Ratkin metis rarely survive the birthing plague, and as such will not be ae playable option either.

* Hakkan are rare, and rarer still they would survive to exist as a stain on their clan's honour and will not be a playable option.

* Khan/Bastet and Nezumi metis do not carry the same stigma as others.

* Kitsune metis alone carry no deformity, nor do they carry stigma. However there is only a 50% chance your mother and 50% chance your father died the moment you were born. The risk both die is high, though if miraculously both survived, death will fall upon a close friend or family member instead.


[House Rule] As with the other breeds, Metis do have have fast healing/regeneration in their breed form.