Welcome to Drynwas


We are a closed group World of Darkness rp group ...at least for now. We have a couple games planned, each taking place in Southern Ontario, in the Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo area. Though there is overlap in events between the games, times may not line up as structured games will be played (officially) only on their designated schedule. 

IRC OOC channel: #drynwas on Darkmyst IRC server (How to access IRC)
Discord: Ask us for an invite


Future Uncertain

Future Uncertain is the most open of our games. It is unguided rp, which means there is no set plan for storyteller run events, though they might happen at any time. Players may run plots as well, but best to run it past an Op to make sure there are no conflicts with current story and the integrity of the setting is maintained. Characters should be based on World of Darkness 20th anniversary edition rules or VtM 5E, but sheets are not required. You may play your characters from Jade Sunset in Future Uncertain. Keep in mind though, the focus of Future Uncertain is the Autarkis Vampires. 

Primary Channel: #Future_Uncertain (scenes should be public where anyone can join)
Rules: Freeform influenced by V5/V20/W20 rules
Playable Characters: See [FU] Character Creation for details.
Character Sheets: not required, characters must be reasonable

* Max two characters per player, for now. If I asked you to play a specific character/concept or you have a Jade Sunset character, it does not count towards this limit. 


Jade Sunset  (wip)

Jade sunset is a structured play (think table top game but in irc) W20 Hengeyokai game set in Waterloo, Ontario. This means games are planned ahead of time and are run by a Storyteller. Characters require a sheet with standard creation points and must be approved before play. You do not need prior knowledge of the hengeyokai rule book or asian culture. Being based in Canada, most pcs and npcs were born in North America or immegrated here at an early age. Prior knowledge of Werewolf: The Apocolypse or even World of Darkness in general is not even required. But if you do have experience expect changes from the books. We will do our best to list what is important on the website.

Currently Jade Sunset is still a work in progress as the website comes together. Characters approved for Jade Sunset are permitted to be played in Future Uncertain without affecting your character limit there, but they will not gain xp for this. Characters from Future Uncertain may not be played in Jade Sunset games.  

When: Thursday's at 6PM - 10PM Eastern time. (Current Eastern Time) 
Where: #Jade_Sunset on Darkmyst IRC server  (How to access IRC)
Playable Characters: W20 Hengeyokai/Shifters, new characters. See [JS] Creation Rules for details.
Character Sheets: Submit to Myzhari by e-mail or share link from Google Drive

* Only one PC per player.  

 ** Prior knowledge of the setting and rules system are not required to join. Hopefully much of this will be explained on the website soon, as our interpretation may be different than what you read in the books anyway.